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With The Gospel

2023 Annual Meeting of the Fairburn Baptist Association

Held at the 

Operation Mobilization Worship Center
285 Lynnwood Ave, Tyrone GA 30290

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Worship led by
Joe and Kim Stanley Ministries

God called us into full-time music and worship ministry where we have had the privilege of traveling all throughout this country and overseas. For over twenty-five years we have been singing at concerts, leading in worship and speaking for local churches, revivals, marriage conferences, retreats, and mission trips. We’ve also written and recorded many songs. This is all because of Jesus!

“Forward Together” was the theme of our 2021 Annual Meeting. We were emerging from the pandemic isolation. We needed to join back together as believers to remind ourselves that only together are we the body of Christ. We need one another as we make our way in this world. We also need one another in order to show the world we are followers of Jesus by our love for one another.


“Through Open Doors” was the theme of the  2022 Annual Meeting. God, in His providence, has given us opportunities for ministry right now, even today. These opportunities are open doors for the church of Jesus. These open doors are not opportunities we may have wanted or would have chosen, but they are from the Lord, and we must take advantage of them.  We’ve devoted a whole section of our site to Open Doors. Check it out.


“With the Gospel” is the theme for our 2023 Annual Meeting. This culminates a three-year word from the Lord that Jimmy Kinnaird believes he received.  For this association of churches to thrive, we must move forward together, through open doors, with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.


But what is the Gospel of the Kingdom? This will be introduced at this annual meeting. Watch the video below to get a ground-floor understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom. It is just the beginning. For the next year, the focus of this association will be “With the Gospel.” All that we do, we will do with the Gospel.

Pastor's Voices used in the Essential Elements of the Gospel of the Kingdom

  1. Rod Blackmon, One Church

  2. Keith Moore, Dogwood Church

  3. Jim Thomas, Fayetteville, FBC

  4. Dwight Boone, Crossroads Church, South Fulton

  5. Evan Hill, Fairburn, FBC

  6. Josh Saefkow, Flat Creek Baptist Church

  7. Joey Rodgers, Peachtree City, FBC

  8. Ken “Lou” Koon, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church

  9. Rhys Stenner, New Hope Baptist Church

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