Five Things that Will Improve Your Church’s First Time Guest Experience

This issue is not for church leaders only, but for all members. As a pastor I continually struggled with the feeling that our first-time guests were not getting the best experience at our church. I knew it was true and I tried a lot of things to improve it. You can do your pastor and your church a huge favor by taking some of this on. Your pastor has enough on his plate. Every member should be concerned with this one and overarching value that needs to be reinforced every week: The indispensable value of hospitality.

If you are a church member, you can be a huge influence for good. You don’t need a title or a job description. Just look around and speak to someone who looks like they are new. Brag about your church. Your pastor will be grateful, your church will benefit, and you may just make a new friend for yourself and the kingdom of God.