Five Ways to Improve Your Church’s Website

There are lots of ways to improve a church website, many more than five. In just a matter of moments I jotted down 15. But you don’t need or probably want 15 ways to improve your website. Five for now is good enough. However, I must give you a warning. I may have gone a little too deep into a couple of the ways. With that said, here are my top five suggestions.

1. Add Fresh Content Weekly

No one is going to keep coming back to the same content. Isn’t the idea of having a website to put new stuff on it regularly? For a church, having some new content weekly is a worthy goal. After all, churches operate on a weekly cycle, pastors sure do. Remember “Sunday is coming!”

Fortunately, you don’t have to generate all the content. There is a whole church for that. I do have a few suggestions however for finding fresh content for your website.