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Gloo and Your Church

Gloo has already done campaigns in Columbus OH, Kansas City, Dallas/Ft. Worth and South Florida. They have connected more than 15,000 people googling for answers to churches. Now they are coming to the Atlanta Metro, to Fairburn Association, and to your church, if you join. 

The investment will be in in time, training and strategy. There are scholarships available to your church if you participate in reaching these people with the gospel of Christ. 

Gloo marketing campaigns aim to bridge the gap between online explorers and the local church. People in your city are actively searching online for help, but the Church is noticeably missing from these searches. This program aims to bridge this gap.

Gloo helps you connect directly to hurting people in their time of need by:

  • Reaching people in your community that you couldn’t reach before, to start building personal relationships.

  • Having impactful conversations when people are looking for answers to heavy topics such as loss, divorce, anger, and anxiety. Your conversation can bring hope to, and change, someone’s life.


We call these online seekers "explorers." Read and watch the videos below to understand what is happening now in 2022. 


What is Gloo?

Gloo is a platform but it is also it can be a large part of your digital outreach and discipleship strategy beginning now. 

Gloo is a new kind of local outreach platform designed to help your church reach people who don’t normally go to church, but need prayer, have questions about Jesus, or just want a conversation with a real human.


Our goal is to help your church reach more people and see more lives changed in your community.


  • New connections sent right to you each month

  • Message connections in-platform

  • Assign connections to ministry team members

  • Always-on campaigns that connect with people

  • Resources to equip your church staff


It’s like having a full-time digital outreach team on staff!

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Watch "Reach the Unchurched in Atlanta Metro in 2022"

Since COVID began, people have been increasingly turning to the internet for answers and churches have been aiming to reach those people. Gloo Connect is bridging this gap by connecting real people to real churches. Over 14,500 have already connected to churches through Gloo Connect.


During this presentation you will learn how Gloo will help your church to reach explorers (people searching for answers online) with this platform and marketing outreach strategy to meet needs and share the Gospel of Christ. 

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