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Fairburn Baptist Association (FBA) is all about appreciating and encouraging pastors, associate pastors, ministers and staff in our churches.  

October is Minister Appreciation Month!

While you may show your appreciation to your pastor and ministers year round, October is a special time to show them your love and appreciation to them.

Pastors will not ask for it, but they need it. Life can be hard and ministry is harder, but with the pandemic on top of it your pastor needs a little extra dose of encouragement.


The honor and appreciation you show them will come back to you multiplied. Click on the button and it will take you to a resource of 22 ideas to show appreciation to your ministers and their families. 

Folded Hands on Bible.jpeg
Senior Pastors
Administrative and Support Staff
Hand open in worship.jpeg
Worship Ministers
Discipleship/Small Group and Education Ministers
Youth Ministers
Preschool and Children Ministers
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