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The Ticking Time Bomb of Our Day

In September of 2021 I sent a community ministry survey to over 600 members of our 38 churches in FBA. I asked 11 questions ranging from what they thought were top needs in their community to what their church was doing in community ministry to share the Gospel and make followers of Jesus. The responses to the survey were telling.

In all of the questions which pertain to perceived needs, this issue surfaced repeatedly. What issue was it you ask?

  • Children and Education

Surprised? I was.

However, I would have put children’s education in a list of top ten. For years reading scores have been going down. As many know, the Department of Corrections makes recommendations on the amount of future prison space based on the present reading scores of 3rd graders. It’s a tried and true formula. If you don’t first gain the ability to read well; second, you won’t comprehend and learn. Illiteracy and lack of comprehension is a formula for societal failure. Never mind they won’t be able to read the Bible.

I could go on and on about this ticking time bomb, but I don’t need to. You can read the handwriting on the wall. You can think this through and see where it is going. The problem is that it will likely be worse than you imagine. That is why we need to take action and do it together. It is a problem that is bigger than one person or church can handle.

This is why I am imploring you to consider becoming involved in fighting childhood illiteracy and at the same time demonstrate the love of Jesus to them.

READ Georgia is a strategy that serves children in their quest to become good readers through sight word practice and it also extends a gospel witnbess in the community.

Fairburn Association is holding an interest meeting for this on February 3, 2022. Registration closes this month. Please forward this to others who may be interested. For more information and to view the short interview with Lorna Bius, click on the button below.

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