The Ripple Effect for Evangelism

When I think about a ripple effect, I think about the effect a rock has when it is thrown into the calm waters of a pond. The energy released by the initial splash disturbs the stillness of the water as the ripples travel out, some even touching the shore. But eventually these ripples dissipate and the waters retreat back into a calm. The only way to keep the waters stirred is to keep splashing, to keep the energy going.

Evangelism in a church is often like splashing water in a pond. For evangelism to keep its proper place there must be continual evangelistic ripples in the church. The ripples spread in all directions transforming lives as they go.

In looking at evangelism in the body of Christ, there are at least six ripples that need to be energized continually. Let’s look at each of these along with some recommendations for ways to keep the ripple effect going.

At the end of this blog, I'm making available a free download: Suggestions for an Annual Evangelism Strategy. Even if you only get one idea from it, it will be worth it.