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Fairburn Baptist Association 2.0

Things are going to be different. Honestly, what area of life could we not all say, "Things are going to be different"? It's likely that you have had a lot of changes over the last year and half. Probably many of the changes have not been of your choice. One thing I do know. God is in control. Not only that, God is also good and is working good in all things, both the bad and the good. So while we keep on rolling with the changes, we can rest assured that even in the bad and good things, God is working for the good for His children.

I believe that this is part of God's working in bringing Karen and I to Fairburn Baptist Association. Changes in our lives, which were not our choosing, opened us up to new and different opportunities. Looking back, I can say that I am so thankful for them because they have brought us here to you.

In thinking of you, I want us to have greater communication and collaboration. So, Fairburn Baptist Association (FBA) now has a growing website and is beginning to have a social media presence among other things. Please, if you are on Facebook, like the FBA facebook page.

There is a very important thing you can do for me and for your fellow pastors in the association. It will not cost you anything other than about 30 minutes and a little concentration. I am going to send you a survey either later today or tomorrow. It is a survey to discover your thoughts and desires of what FBA should be starting now and into the future. This survey is online and is only going out to senior pastors in FBA. It is also anonymous.

I would like for you to complete the survey as soon as possible, preferably right when you see it. If not, within a day or two. The sooner I get your responses and thought, the sooner I can make adjustments. I will make the survey results available in the immediate future, perhaps at the annual meeting in October.

This survey is just the beginning for FBA 2.0. I don't have it all figured out; not even a little. But I know that together we can hear from the Lord Jesus and follow with him what he is doing and is going to do in our area and beyond.

Since I'm new, you may not have much information on Jimmy Kinnaird. You can visit my online resume, with short videos of my conversion and calling, family, ministry experience and even some recent sermons and stuff. You can find it here:

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