Eight Ways to Grow as an Effective Leader

In Christian leadership there is never a place where one should say, “I’ve arrived.” Leadership is a continual challenge to grow. If you are a leader, you should find ways to keep growing. If you’re not growing, you won’t be leading for long.

The biblical character Joshua is a great example of an effective leader. Below I give you eight ways to grow as a leader with reflections on this biblical character.

1. Leaders accept that they must be regularly challenged.

At the beginning of a leader’s experience, most of the challenges come from outside of the leader. These new leaders are inexperienced and often uninformed. There is nothing wrong with being uninformed and unskilled. However, if a leader stays this way, that is a problem. We must all begin somewhere so, early in a leader’s life; the challenges are more external. But something happens along the way, as a leader grows, he or she will become knowledgeable and competent in their area of focus. This can be both good and bad. I know from experience. A leader, because of their competence and knowledge has the temptation to rely more on this than on seeking God for guidance. As a novice, they relied on the leading of the Spirit of God, Scripture, and the advice of wise counsel. As they grew, they began to trust more in their own counsel and a shift was made, however subtle, to human-centered wisdom instead of God-sought wisdom.