“After you’ve been a pastor for a while, you will lose your enthusiasm like the rest of us”

That statement was made to me by a long-time pastor at my first pastor meeting in our Baptist Association in New Orleans. I didn’t go back.

I didn’t go back until I met Dr. Fred Dyess. About a year later, Fred became the Director of Missions (the old name for Associational Missions Strategist) at the Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans. This was back about 1990. I was a doctoral student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and about 18 months into planting a church.

Fred left his church in Houma, Louisiana to become the Director of Missions for our association. It must have been a call from God. Our association was so dead that the last director was found dead in his office. Yes, really. Probably with an ACP report in front of him.